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Counseling seminars

  • Counseling is an ongoing activity in Carmel for those marginalized women who are grappled with depression and suicidal tendencies. Extreme poverty is one of the main reasons that lead them to compromise on their situations. They easily falls prey in the hands of human traffickers.  With regular counseling, we try to change their thinking, instill positive energy and stand with them to help overcome from the state of depression and fear.
  • At Carmel, we conduct regular gatherings for those marginalized women. This way we ensure them that we are standing with them all the time, 24 x7, to take out the fear of loneliness, rejection, and depression.

Skill development program

In our skill development program, we help them to be self-dependent through our Beautician and Tailoring courses. Our job oriented courses help them to go out and work and support their family. Today, we are happy to see many of them settled, living happily and peaceful life. Our drive is on as there are many still looking at us, and for us, it is still a beginning.